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[Pinned] Videos

Don't forget to checkout some of our videos in the Media section on the site and also go to our youtube channel make sure to subscribe. Since a lot of the freezing has been fixed we're going to start recording...
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kinda confused on how wolf pack fell apart was going to come back but not so sure even if it goes free to play seeing as a group of great people from CAW left and made are own peice of dcuo- I.e the wolf pack- cabral, ivan, kryto, stank, human, br...
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Good Raid Groups....How to beat FOS and Inner!

The whole thing boils down to everyone being able to do their job. Period. Every awesome group I have been a part of, has this in common. Everybody playing there part and did a great job at it. When teams do this, it looks easy. When you have to m...
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FoS - 2nd Boss Strategy found on another leagues forums

For the second boss, the fight should be initiated by 1 of the 2 tanks (yes for this raid 2 tanks make it much easier on everyone).the rest of the group should be in a far corner away from all agro. (yes be very far in the corner) once the tank gr...
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Displaying Powers not in game

Videos of the game using other powers. Mind u these videos are 3 years old.
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Villain League "Wave Nation"

When mega servers come out please please please smoke these fools. Especially "Tiny Temptress".. this is my woman and her and her villains are always talking smack.. CRUSH THEMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM and teabag the heck outta them
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to all low geared lanterns...

yo i just found out last night that when u get all your briefings for the new alerts that u get the guy gardener style chest and it has really good specs....not only that but it is tradible....that may be a good startin point for armor for your lo...
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Important Name change SUGGESTIONS NEEDED!!!!

Well since so many people dont like CaW and supposedly Heathen is coming back a name change needs to be done. I would like to hear suggestions. Your opinions matter, but if no one responds myself nature and Stank will be creating a new name oursel...
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Been Out A While..

Hey all, i've been considering picking up some more time for DCUO but before I do, I want to know whats new, i've been out for a while, probably since the Raz content first came out. Has there been any changes to the Controller Mentalist? What new...
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I'm Still here

hey guys. had some real life issues come up including breaking up with the woman i love. i should be back online tomorrow and i should be on alot more often i hope. with the dlc i plan on making Cosmic a full healer and making Pure Light a DPS HL ...
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Arena Strategies

So there are two major schools of thought for how to win a mini-battle in 4v4 and 5v5 matches.1) Have (at minimum) the controller and strong DPS get the healer down quick. This eliminates the health regen and makes killing the remainder easy. The ...
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by the horns = m.i.a.

just wanted to let u guys that are ranking up new toons or lookin to complete your contacts for the feat points that the sins of the father side the horns is missing and it is a bug so dont pull your hair out lookin for it.....cause u...
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Worst case scenario: New League Name Suggestions

It is just in my nature to have a Plan B, C, D, etc. So I think we might open it up for possible league name suggestions.So, for what it's worth here are some thoughts: The NewOrder / NewOrder / New Order Avengers Hand Alpha Factor / AlphaFactor F...
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9/1/11 Hot Fix Discussion

General• Gear should now be consistently better as you progress from Duos, to T1 Hard Mode Alert loot, to Tier 1 marks Gear, to T2 Hard Mode Alerts/Raids loot, to T2 marks Gear to Tier 3 Raids loot and finally to Tier 3 marks gear.• Fixed th...
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Is level 21 with full tier 2 pvp armor and accessories. What what.
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Complete styles to obtain feat points

Many of the feat points we can obtain are through completed styles of equipment. I wanted to begin a thread where those looking for certain armor can post there needs, and allow others to contact them and trade or purchase those items. Many pieces...
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Balabce issue being adressed. No more glass cannon stuff

Heres the link for the balance issue.
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Loot rule for new raid , what u think

hey guyssince new raids come and with new raid come new loots and with new loots sometime drama happen on rollingso to skip the drama parts and ppl fighting about loots here is few ideas about loot rule in league raid runs1- u Only loot on ur main...
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DCUO Announces Megaservers

Producer Letter 08/05/2011 - 08/05/2011 from the DC Universe forums I am excited to announce that MegaServers will begin going live on Monday! The MegaServers expanded server system allows you to live in a world with more players and it will grea...
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