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As an ongoing effort to test Nature traits I am determined to make DCUO testing as close to a science as possible. As such my first test is regarding Power regen for weapon combos.

The information in this thread is current to the date 07/25/2011.


"Regen" is considered "healing." Therefore "regened" will be considered "healed" in the combat log.
At each Tier you will regen 9 ticks of Power and 8 ticks of Supercharge even if you end your combo during the cycle. Any of these ticks can be critical heals. Critical heals are calculated per tick. Supercharge does not have a critical heal as far as I can tell.
The buff in the effect menu is called "Recovery."
There is no such thing as "over healing" for Power and Supercharge. For example if you only need 5 Power at the end of each cycle, then that is all you will recieve.
Base Regen

All values come directly from the effects menu under the buff "Recovery." Criticals are found by reading the combat log and are constant.

Vitalization: 0
Critical Healing: Base/Base (will fill in with more testing)

Tier 1 Heal

Hit counter range: 1-11
Hit counter title: None
Supercharge: 2
Power: 10 (critical: 12)

Tier 2 Heal

Hit counter range: 12-26
Hit counter title: Good!
Supercharge: 3
Power: 12 (critical: 16)

Tier 3 Heal

Hit counter range: 27-50
Hit counter title: Incredible!
Supercharge: 3
Power: 15 (critical: 20)

Tier 4 Heal

Hit counter range: 51+
Hit counter title: Superhuman!
Supercharge: 4
Power: 20 (critical: 26)

After the last tick of Power or Supercharge in this cycle you get 21 Power and 4 Supercharge per hit. If you stop your combo the ticks end instead of continuing for the 9 ticks of Power and 8 ticks of Superchage like usual.

Weapon Differences

There are 3 exceptions to the regen patterns above: Hand Blasts, Two-Handed and Brawling.

Hand Blasts

Tier 1 range: 1-9
Tier 2 range: 10-20
Tier 3 range: 21-40
Tier 4 range: 41+


Tier 1 range: 1-6
Tier 2 range: 7-13
Tier 3 range: 14-25
Tier 4 range: 26+


Tier 1 range: 1-5
Tier 2 range: 6-11
Tier 3 range: 12-21
Tier 4 range: 22+

Aside from the hit counter range for each tier, each weapon regens the sam amount of Power at those tiers. So for example Brawling will restore 9 ticks of 12 Power at 6 hits just like Martial Arts will at 12. All weapons restore a minimum of 90 Power on the first hit.

* Thanks to MrMigraine for making me aware of the weapon differences.


More testing to come with my Controller when I get the time.

My advice base on initial tests is that if you have to end your combo to cast a trait do so after you hit the next tier if you can. For example if you reach 27 hits stop there and then cast your trait as you will not recieve additional Power until Tier 4. Even if you stop at 27 hits you will recieve 9 ticks of 15 Power at Tier 3. The exception comes at the end of the Tier 4 cycle where you get Power per hit.

Hope this helps players out!
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