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For the second boss, the fight should be initiated by 1 of the 2 tanks (yes for this raid 2 tanks make it much easier on everyone).

the rest of the group should be in a far corner away from all agro. (yes be very far in the corner) once the tank grabs the 3 guardians, that tank should proceed to cross the middle area between boss 1 and 2 to cross the middle area where meteors are continuously falling, one should hug the wall where there are boulders sticking outward. (at boss 2, facing the meteor shower it is on the left. at base 1 facing, meteor shower it is on the right)

now that tank 1 has drawn away agro from the guardians, the other tank should proceed to broodmother area and being to pull crawlers and turrets. IMPORTANT when a tank pulls turrets they just pull the agro of turret but when u do a pull move on a crawler u pull them from their "walk" to the node that transforms them into you so standing directly on broodmother helps since once they die in that area, the crystal automatically gets consumed. Gadget controllers with taser pulls can also help with making sure there are no stray crawlers. DPS should try to focus on similar crawlers since they now have added health.

this is a simple rinse and repeat strategie until broodmother is targetable and then u just give her a little DOOOOMMM PAIINNN.

two side notes

If u die by the WTF hit and are unable to be revived, u spawn in as quick as possible. when u spawn in u will find urself in the previous room to boss 2 with a locked door closed door in front of you. here what u do is back track. go backwards to the area where u fought boss 1 and use the same path the tank uses to cross over. you will now have bypassed that closed door and be back into the fight with group.

for the tank kiting around the guardians, u dont not need to keep hitting them or anything, they will have a lock on u the whole time unless something else hits them. keep ur distance because they stun. now if u get them far enough from the group, u can super speed back to group, pull a couple agros and head back to your guardians since they move really slow.

It is important that we try to keep this simple technique to DOOM ONLY RAIDS!!!! no PUGS should be shown this! we need to keep this advantage over anyone else that tries to do this boss by slug festing it to death. This raid will separate higher end players to others so as DOOM we will all achieve over regular.

as simple as this technique might seem many don't even realize it so again i cant stress it enough.. NO PUGS! if you want this raid that bad that u cant wait for a DOOM group, then by all means just slug it out the hard way and hope for the best.
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