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Free to play coming, Success or Disaster?

Krytoflame / Sep 19, 2011
Well SOE did it. Free to play is coming. And so is the End. Free to play MMOs that do it this soon always die. City of Heroes just now started FTP after almost 10 years. LOTR after 3 or 4. DCUO is doing it in less than a year. They basically just said they cant fix the game so FTP it is. Here come the 5 year olds, shitty players and crappier content updates. All i can say is. I hope ur getting Skyrim this Holiday, and Kotor next year. RIP DCUO.


i was thinkin the same thing....damn....this sucks
FWIW, I think it may actually be the shot-in-the-arm the game needs. Will there be 'kiddies' and such? Maybe for a brief period. The influx of players that do play other MMOs that need a switch (WoW, FF, LOTR, etc) have a chance to legitimately try something as an alternative. We all know how great the game can be … and how fun as is.

The F2P --> paid add-ons model is where the industry seems to be headed. Even WoW. They don't do it because it kills games.

While DCUO has def had its problems in terms of … ** ahem** technical stability ** … I am not sure there is a direct connection and I don't see it as any kind of admittance one way or the other

So, what this will do? Well, I hope, it gives us a much larger player pool that come to love DCUO. It grows from there. Ass-hats leave, good players stay.

In terms of daily play, short of the ass-hat-ery of characters in the WT I am not sure it will matter that much. Raids, Alerts that are leagues will stay that way. The good leagues will be 'the good leagues' and they will run together. Ass hats need not apply. (and stay off Prox chat)

Hopefully, it will make league membership and reps even MORE important than it is now.

I guess I am doing a rare thing for me and I am choosing to see it as at least half-full …

2 bits
My hope is it turns for the best like Marvel is saying. Lets wait and see and keep grinding together. Probably just can't pug as much and organized leagues will be more important. Letz Get It.....
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